Commercialize the World’s First
Inter-Satellite Optical Communication
Network for Earth Observation Satellites.


Our Services

Solve the Bottleneck of
Telecommunication with Optical Link.

WARPSPACE shall provide the LEO satellite operators with optical communication service. We assure real time communication. Downlink the data whenever you want, wherever you are.

Our Services


Create the Truly Sustainable Society

WARPSPACE believes that we could contribute to a variety of downstream industries and sectors such as those who access/use the earth observation data, and eventually, the entire global economy by solving the communicational issues lying in the earth observation industry.




Wit, Agile and Generosity

The value that WARPSPACE would like to express through the service is “Wit, Agile and Generosity”. Since we are a flat-team, we believe that we could contribute to the whole society through building the dramatic and innovative space communication infrastructure. We seek for new members who can try with our values.

Partners / Joint Project


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We originally started from a satellite project at the University of Tsukuba in 2011, then founded as WARPSPACE in 2016. Including satellite projects, we have launched three communication satellites. In addition to our own knowledge of satellite development, a researcher who got involved in the world’s first inter-satellite optical communication demo in outer space, and ex-director of JAXA joined our team. Moreover, we are backed by some angel investors such as Keisuke Honda and the Ministry of Economy and Trade and Industry.

Work Scene
Work Scene
With our corporate mission, “Lead the Frontier Era of Space Telecommunication.”, we shall contribute to the realization of sustainable human society through the space telecommunication business. We seek for the people who can share the same goals and create the world beyond the imaginable future together.

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