Inter-satellite communication carrier, WARPSPACE Inc. has raised funds. Former chairman and founder of Sony Corporation, Mr. IDEI Nobuyuki has inaugurated as adviser of WARPSPACE Inc., in order to strengthen the management system

Inter-satellite communication carrier, WARPSPACE Inc. (Headquarter: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture CEO: TSUNEMACHI Satoru) has raised funds from "Tsukuba Regional Vitalization No.2 Fund Investment Limited Partnership" via third-party allotment. "Tsukuba Regional Vitalization No.2 Fund" was found by Tsukuba Bank, Ltd. (President: IKUTA Masahiko Headquarter: Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
Meanwhile former chairman of Sony Corporation and founder, current CEO, and Chairman of Quantum Leaps Corporation, Mr. IDEI Nobuyuki has inaugurated as adviser of WARPSPACE Inc. to strengthen the management system of inter-satellite communication business.

WARPSPACE Inc. has been always promoting its mission ”Lead the frontier era of space with our CubeSat technology", and continually expanding its business such as development of satellite, development of general purpose platform, and providing space environment testing, since 2016. In autumn of 2019, WARPSPACE Inc. will launch its first dispersed communication infrastructure service for satellites.

WARPSPACE Inc. shall strengthening its personnel system, building new services, and reinforce the security system through this fundraising.

Meanwhile WARPSPACE Inc. shall invite Mr. IDEI Nobuyuki as adviser of the company at July of 2019. Its purpose is to accelerate the growth of the company for the service launch and implementation of constant communication internet in space.

Regarding to the fundraising and the inauguration of the adviser, TSUNEMACHI Satoru, CEO of WARPSPACE Inc., said "Nowadays, space industry has become just like the history of the computer and internet industry, shifting from a standalone point of view, to a highly networked and decentralized structure. Our business model and technology model are becoming the pioneer in both area."

He added, "It's a pleasure for us to working on development and business with Mr. IDEI, who is able to expand the business based on the growth and speed of the technology. We will continue cooperating with various companies and banks, and vitalizing the local economy as a start-up organization which begin from University of Tsukuba."

CEO TSUNEMACHI atoru and Adviser IDEI Nobuyuki

Mr. IDEI Nobuyuki
Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Quantum Leaps Corporation
After he retired Chairman and CEO of Sony Corporation in June 2005, he has found Quantum Leaps Corporation. As the CEO and founder, he worked on operational reforms for large firms, and support developing the venture companies.
After his graduation of Waseda University in 1960, he enrolled Sony Corporation. As Swiss expatriate of Sony, he mainly worked on overseas operations such as founding Sony France. When he return to Japan, he was consecutively chief of business Headquarters such as audio department, computer department, and VTR department. Then he inaugurated as board member in 1989. As the president and COO from 1995 to 2000, as the chairman and CEO from 2000 to 2005, he played most important role in management over 10 years. During his duration of office, he worked on new IT and network business such as VAIO PC, mobile business at joint company cooperating with Ericsson, service of broadcasting Sony's entertainment contents on online.


WARPSPACE, a space startup from University of Tsukuba in August 2016, has been promoting a satellite development project at University of Tsukuba. So far, the project has been adopted by JAXA, and has been experienced two satellite launches.

In addition to high expertise in space and satellites, WARPSPACE is promoting space business development with our strengths in partnership with JAXA and other research institutions, and the abundant experimental testing facilities of Tsukuba Science City. In June 2019, WARPSPACE was selected as a main floor exhibitor by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the G20 Trade Digital Ministers' Meeting, recommended by Ibaraki Prefecture.

Also WARPSPACE will promote a low-cost communication module for satellites and small ground stations which have been successfully developed in the process of launching the satellite, and expand the Japanese space satellite infrastructure business.

Official Website: https://warpspace.jp/

Management structure

Board Chairman Toshihiro KAMEDA, Ph.D.

BA and MA in Engineering from the University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University. Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba.
Launched the Satellite Project “YUI” from the scratch in 2011 at the University of Tsukuba, and executed the satellite ITF-2 project. Through the development of ITF-2, the low-cost transceiver design idea was born, which led to the founding of WARPSPACE Inc. in 2016.

CEO Satoru Tsunemachi LL.M.

He was inaugurated as CEO in January,2019. He is the first one to start a business while being at Tsukuba University (20 years). He is involved in founding four companies until now (1 company at Vietnam). As a founding member/executive of IT startup companies, he is mainly in charge of business strategy, branding, legal affairs, finance, and so on. Currently, he is also working as a multi-entrepreneur, and he fosters the next generation start-up as a director of the incubation group organized by the managers of Tsukuba University.


BA in Engineering, the University of Tsukuba. Interested in space since childhood, he chose University of Tsukuba where even a freshman can join the satellite project. Akihiro led the university team toward the full-scale mission success of ITF-2 during his bachelor year. Specialized both in software and hardware, Akihiro leads the next generation CubeSat development with his past expertise from design, development to operation. CTO of WARPSPACE Inc since 2016.

Members of WARPSPACE Advisory Board

OZAWA Shuji (Expert in space development industry)

OZAWA Shuji, a former JAXA vice president, engaged in development of satellite tracking control system and space station operation system since 1971 at NASDA. From 2000, he oversaw the space station project as head of the space environment utilization promotion department. With the establishment of JAXA on October 2003, he took office as the first General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, then served as an executive officer and a director, mainly in charge of business planning, international cooperation, and industry collaboration.

After retiring from JAXA in 2014, he established space utilization consultant office "Office K" and inaugurated as representative. From 2017, he also serves as the president of GPAS (Global Positioning Augmentation Service), which aims to provide high-precision positioning information services.

TANIMOTO Yukari (Expert in public relation)

TANIMOTO Yukari, the Forbes Japan deputy editor in chief, has earned an MBA in the United States in 2004 after serving as a financial and economic anchor at securities firm and Bloomingburg TV. After that, she became Nikkei CNBC Caster, the company's first female commentator, and became a free journalist since 2011. She has conducted interviews with over 3,000 world leaders such as Tony Blair, Howard Schulz, and Steve Wozniak.

MATSUDA Kota (Expert in government and management)

MATSUDA Kota is the Founder of Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. In 2007, he was selected as one of the “Young Global Leaders” at the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference). In 2009, he acquired Eggs 'n Things worldwide expansion rights (excluding the US) and established EGGS 'N THINGS INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PTE. LTD in Singapore. In Japan, he opened the first store in Harajuku in 2010, which sparked the pancake boom. Meanwhile, he was elected for the first time in the House of Councilors election. Since the expiration of the term of parliament in 2016, he has been active in the overseas development of the restaurant business and the natural energy business.

Company Profile

Established: August 3, 2016
Address: 305-0031, 2-5-1-203 Azuma, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Business description:
・ Communication Infrastructure Business for Low Orbit Satellites
・ Module Development Business for Small Satellites
・ Business Related Transferring Satellite Technology

Contact for inquiries regarding this matter, interview application, etc.

Shioda, Public Relations Manager, WARPSPACE Inc.

TEL: 029-856-9128
E-mail: corporate@warpspace.jp
URL: https://warpspace.jp/