Warpspace signed MOU with Djibouti National Telecommunications Company Djibouti Telecom and Rwanda National Telecommunications Company BSC

WARPSPACE implemented a collaboration agreement on the supply of satellite development technology and communications infrastructure for the development of the space industry from Africa.

Inter-satellite communication carrier, WARPSPACE Inc. (WARPSPACE/Headquarter: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture/CEO: TSUNEMACHI Satoru) and Double Feather Partners (DFP/Headquarter: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo/CEO: Kohei Muto) held an MOU with Djibouti Telecom, the state-run telecommunications company in Djibouti, and Broadband Systems Corporation, Ltd (BSC), the state-run telecommunications company in the Republic of Rwanda, at the Africa Development Conference (TICAD7) held in August 2019 . By supplying advisory services including incubation and funding support from DFP, and WARPSPACE's satellite development technology and communications infrastructure, we aim to further develop the space industry in Africa. 

From left in front row DFP Muto, Ghibli Republic Ambassador to Japan Ahmed Araita Ali, WARPSPACE Tsunemachi

Tsunemachi and Muto exchange opinions with the President of the Republic of Djibouti prior to the conclusion of the MOU.

From left, Muto, Republic of Rwanda Broadband Systems Corporation CEO Christian MUHIRWA, Tsunemachi

・Background of MOU conclusion

Recently the development of artificial satellites for the purpose of solving local social issues has progressed in Africa. More than 10 countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are actively developing satellites. Upon entering the African market, WARPSPACE will provide technology transfer, industrial creation support, and communications infrastructure for the purpose of commercialization in order to create a local social problem-solving space industry and achieve sustainable development.

・MOU contents

The first goal of this collaboration is to develop and operate microsatellite, and to create a new startup that solves regional problems in Africa through surface observation data and other data. The startup will work to grow with support from local governments, neighboring African countries, financial institutions around the world, and venture capital. As for human resource development, the local staff will aim at technology transfer by acquiring technology required to develop satellites independently in Japan in cooperation with WARPSPACE. For the startup satellite business, Warpspace will be responsible for the communications infrastructure, and will provide its ground station infrastructure service “WarpHub”. DFP will provide advisory services, including incubation for startups and funding support. In addition, the ground station of WARPSPACE will be set up locally for this initiative.

・Future development

From left, Tsunemachi, Minister of Higher Education and Science and Technology Development, Republic of Zimbabwe, Amon Murwira, Muto, 

At this African Development Conference, in addition to the conclusion of the two countries, a Letter of Acknowledgment was exchanged with the Minister of Higher Education and Science and Technology Development in the Republic of Zimbabwe to discuss and collaborate on the same contents of this release. In the future, WARPSPACE will collaborate with organizations around the Africa to supply our satellite development technology and communication infrastructure, to promote the creation of space startups and new industries from Africa, focusing on entrepreneurship education, and contribute to the development of sustainable space industry in Africa.

About Double Feather Partners

Double Feather Partners (DFP) is a corporate advisory company based in Japan and Africa. Our business philosophy is to solve complex social problems in developing countries with the power of sustainable business. DFP has operational functions such as financial and business strategy advisory and accounting tax, a solid network with local business ecosystem, improvement of corporate value in hands-on and local accelerator. In particular, the company specializes in the design of “overseas strategy needs of Japanese companies” x “capturing investment opportunities in growth markets (Africa)” x “solving social problems” and offers unique and high added value to capture the African market. Provide to supporting companies. In addition, DFP has experience in fintech, insurance tech, healthcare, mobility and telecommunications in Africa and has a client base in a wide range of regions including Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. As part of the business expansion, DFP is establishing local offices this winter in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, which is expected to set up a system that covers all major regions in East, West and South Africa.

Company Profile

Address: 151-0053 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku Yoyogi 2-23-1
E-mail: info@doublefeather.com
Official Website: https://doublefeather.com/jp/


WARPSPACE, which was launched in August 2016 as a space startup from the University of Tsukuba, has been developing a satellite development project at the University of Tsukuba. WARPSPACE has been accepted by JAXA solicitation and has experienced two satellite launches.
In addition to high expertise in space and satellites, we are promoting space business development with our strengths in partnership with JAXA and other research, development institutions, and the abundant experimental testing facilities of Tsukuba Science City. In addition, we will expand the low-cost communication module for satellites and small ground stations that were successfully developed in the process of launching the satellite to the global space satellite infrastructure business.

・ Official website: https://warpspace.jp/
・ Ibaraki Prefecture Ibaraki Space Business Creation Base Project Support Company

Company Profile

Address: 305-0031, 2-5-1-203 Azuma, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
TEL: 029-856-9128
E-mail: corporate@warpspace.jp
Official Website: https://warpspace.jp/

Business description:
・ Communication Infrastructure Business for Low Orbit Satellites
・ Module Development Business for Small Satellites
・ Business Related Transferring Satellite Technology

Provided services

Distributed communication infrastructure service "WarpHub" for low orbit satellites beta version