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The Reason Why WARPSPACE Works on Telecommunication Business in Outer Space

A lot of space tech companies, such as launch vehicle developers, ground system providers, in-orbit service, etc. have been established in Japan. Especially, businesses related to small satellites get lots of attention and of all small satellites businesses, earth observation businesses are getting more and more active these days.

On that premise, I focus on telecommunication. The reason behind it is that I strongly believe in the rarity and possibility of communication providers in space to play an important role as essential infrastructure in outer space.

Our Role in the Society as a
Japanese Space Startup

Challenging a domain where the EU and US have the advantage is not easy at all for Japanese space startups. Typical businesses in the domain are large rocket development and manned-space flight. Additionally, Japan is falling behind in the field of communication satellite service for the ground. We can find a structural eco-system connecting the commercial sector, governmental organizations, academic sectors in the EU and US, and it enables private companies to raise a large-scale fund. However, there is no such ecosystem like this in Japan.

However, it is impossible to develop the earth observation industry sufficiently only by EU and US. Actually, the commercialization of inter-satellite optical communication is what they have not realized yet. I believe that Japanese startups can compete against the global fierce competition by establishing the technology in a field where we can prove the raison d’etre.

The Envisioned Future through
Telecommunication in Space

When we look back on modern society, the expansion of human activities has always been supported by the development of new communication infrastructures, such as postage, telecommunication, and the internet. Relying on those innovations, various industries have been developed.

The rise of expectations for the space industry over the last few years implies dawn of a new era when human being expands its activity area. Improving telecommunication in outer space is inevitable to leverage the potential. WARPSPACE aims to contribute to the whole society by building the seamless communication architecture in outer space as sophisticated as the one on the ground.