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Space, it’s always a dark and unknown place for mankind yet mysterious. The era, when space used to be a place we yearned for has gone, and all we have the opportunity to reach out to the stars.

Space travel, Transportation, Mining, any kind of activities and business will be a common thing, and it’ll exponentially expand our boundaries. WARPSPACE will contribute to the sustainable prosperity and maturity of human activities on Earth, by building the optical inter-satellite telecommunication system, called “WarpHub InterSat” using smallsat. The words. “Half-Hearted Compromise” doesn’t exist in our dictionary. At all times, we shall aim for the top of the Industry and keep bringing innovations to the market.

“Don’t be Trapped by Dogma”
”Pursue and Create the Future We hope”

“Wit, Agile and Generosity”
WARPSPACE Inc, CEOSatoru Tsunemachi


Think of Diversity as being Normal and Refuse Homogenization.
A Team Based on Respect and Mutual Understanding is Strong, Flexible, and Precious.

We are a diversified team in terms of generation. Our members are distributed in all age groups from teens to 70s, and it enables you to bring out your full potential. From now on, the diversity of the team will expand in various ways such as genders, nationalities, etc. and it’ll accelerate the engine of innovation. On top of that, we shall deepen the diversity and inclusion of not only our team, and the Japanese space industry, but the whole society.
The shared value in the team is, “Wit, Agile, and Generosity.”

We are seeking for the new members who can try with same mindset.



Wit, Agile and Generosity

There is no boundaries in space, so no one can occupy. To keep the space as sustainable field for our planet and mankind, we regard the “Harmony” as one of the most important concept. One of our services "WarpHub InterSat" represent the “Harmony” as Concept, Including the “Wit” and “Generosity”

Our Compass of Behavior

Our “raison d’être” is to create a world beyond the future people can ever imagine. Make decisions with leaping and unprecedented ways of thinking.
02Goal oriented
We always focus on realizing of our Vision. Do not work for means or time and do not fear failure. Pursue the goals in a lean and smart fashion.
03Decide with fact
Everyone is equal under the “Fact”. Throw away any speculation and common sense, doubt even your knowledge and experience, and always make a rational decision through a discussion with a primary source.
04Chase one chance
If it cannot be proved impossible, it is possible. If it is possible, never stop in midway, keep on chasing, even the slightest of possibilities; “one chance”.
05Resilient spirit
We sail rough seas full of uncertainty. We may face catastrophic changes or tough situations but there is no crisis that cannot be overcome . Adapt to any cases smartly, or rather, enjoy the chaos.
06Respect your crew
Think of diversity as being normal and refuse homogenization. A team based on respect and mutual understanding is strong, flexible and precious.
07Love family
You cannot fight without your family. Prioritize the time you spend with them and their health. They are also our fellow members certainly.
Fine work comes from adventurous spirit and playfulness. Take your holidays proactively for your adventure. Diving into a different environment always gives you a brand new inspiration.
09Be attractive
Empathy, hope and support from people are our sources of energy . Aim to be an attractive team not only for our stakeholders, but also for the local communities in our area of operation and the whole society.

Available Positions

Employee Benefit and Way of Work

Employee Benefit

WARPSPACE focuses on employee benefits to support the growth of the members. One of the typical ones WARPSPACE provides is Resort Work.

One of the members has been to Morocco using this system. Since he was working alone. It enabled him to focus on his tasks, such as the design of the satellite management system, responding to the slacks and mails.

During his stay, he had unexpected trouble that he got sick and being hospitalized. Because of that, he overstayed though, he said, “I learned the importance of separating jobs as much as possible during off-hours and working at my own pace”. Based on this feedback, we are further improving the employee benefit.


Daily Routine of Engineer
Starting a PC

Basically, I start working from 11:00 am, but make it my rule to start my PC earlier to alleviate the amount of data traffic at teleconferences.

Brewing a cup of coffee
Morning standup

I attend Morning Stand-up drinking a cup of coffee. While attending it, I reply to emails or send messages via Teams.

Discussion time

If there is something to be discussed, we talk about the matter between 11:30 and 12:30. We discuss the development schedule of optical terminals this day.

Update meeting with satellite supplier

I usually communicate with global suppliers via Teams about the update of development. I am talking about the optical terminal this time.

Private business leave

Utilizing flex work system, I care for my parents once a week.

Search for partner companies

I look for companies which can help us develop ground system on the web, and share the information internally via Teams

Regular meeting about mission component interface

Regular meeting among 3 parties; the satellite bus supplier, optical terminal supplier, and WARPSPACE. We mainly discuss about the interface

Review of optical terminal design

I review the design specification of the optical terminals.

Review of satellite design

Reviewing the CAD of the satellite hardware structure to check if the items of the QA has been applied on it.

Review of optical terminal design

I continue working on the review. The result is summarised in an excel sheet and send it to the suppliers.