Aim for Truly Sustainable Society by Utilizing the Cutting Edge Communication Technology.


Contribution to Earth Observation Industry

Satellite Constellation

Satellite Constellation

Important Role to Detect and Monitor the Disasters

In recent years, lots of companies launch small satellites in Low Earth Orbit for earth observation and it is the main stream. The demand for earth observation data is increasing in the primary sector, infrastructure, civil engineering, and oil & gas industries.
As global warming is getting more serious, various types of disasters such as forest fires and huge typhoons, but satellite data could play an important role in order to detect the disasters in advance or realize the instantaneous response after something occurred.

Contribution toward SDGs / ESG


Activities related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are accelerating around the globe. It consists of 17 goals and 169 targets that includes not only poverty issues, but a shift to clean energy, gender equality, and preservation of ocean and soil. Additionally, the concept “ESG” (Environment, Social, Governance) that UN announced is also important perspective. Behind those movements, there are environmental issues and climate change and they try to figure them out through utilization of outer space. WARPSPACE shall contribute to it by expanding the communication infrastructure.

Carbon Neutral

Enhance the Capability of Artificial Intelligence by Increasing Satellite Data

Data transaction of earth observation satellites will increase by inter-satellite optical communication service and it improves AI and machine learning. As a result, research such as, “this type of minerals are likely to be buried in such a surface.” will improve and we will be able to explore resources in a more efficient way.
As a countermeasure against global warming, the movement towards carbon neutral, which reduces greenhouse gas emission to zero is accelerating. Along with it, the usage rate of electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to increase more rapidly. The core components of EVs are lithium ion batteries. Since the competition for rare metals, which are used for batteries, is inevitable, WARPSPACE technology greatly contributes to global warming.

Circular Economy

Visualize the Traceability of Marine Debris at High Level

Marine debris drifting in the ocean around the world has become a problem, such as cases where a large amount of garbage is washed ashore on the coast and marine life eats them as food, then dies. Therefore, from the conventional flow of production, consumption, and disposal, the movement to build a circular economy that does not generate waste is getting attention. The circular economy is an economic system that regards discarded products and raw materials as new resources and circulates the resources without discharging waste. The circular economy market is reported to reach US $ 4.5 trillion by 2030, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. As such movements accelerate, there have been multiple cases of utilizing observation satellite data such as detection of plastic waste at sea, and when WARPSPACE’s inter-satellite optical communication business is put into practical use, a more efficient circular economy will be realized.

Sustainable Society

Contribution of Human Rights through Inter-Satellite Optical Network

Satellite data have high potential to contribute in various ways from the viewpoint of human rights protection, such as cases where earth observation satellites could prevent the moment of human trafficking, countermeasures against piracy damage that continues all over the world, etc.
If the communication infrastructure that enables earth observation satellites communicate with the ground can be realized by WARPSPACE, it will be possible to detect human trafficking that could not be detected until now, and improve human rights issues through space utilization.